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Graduation 2011 – Movin’ on Up… to Kindergarten and Beyond

AUGUSTA, Maine – Twenty children graduated from the Children’s Center on Monday, August 22nd to the cheers, applause, and beaming smiles of their families, friends, and teachers.  Children of all abilities receive preschool, child care, and specialized therapy at the Children’s Center to prepare them for success throughout their school-age years, and throughout their lifetimes.

For the past 45 years, the Children’s Center has been creating nurturing environments for young children, some of whom have special needs.  This year’s graduating class included children who are typically-developing and received child care, and children with diverse abilities and challenges who received specially designed instruction and therapy services.  Children of all abilities learned kindergarten readiness skills in an inclusive setting, and developed friendships along the way.  The children worked diligently, with the guidance of a team of teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, to achieve developmental milestones.  For each of them, an individualized plan for success in kindergarten will be implemented in September.

With families gathered to celebrate this milestone in their children’s lives, a slide show played, chronicling moments in time of the graduating children’s experiences while at the Center. Families and Children’s Center staff alike were clearly moved.

Of the 2011 Graduating Class, three children will be attending the Wayne Regional Autism Program and seventeen will be attending their local public kindergarten or pre-k schools, with six of those seventeen entering into living skills or behavior programs.

The Children’s Center is honored to have provided a foundation for success for these twenty children.  The children and their families were clearly delighted with their achievements, glowing in pride as the children received their diplomas.

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